Albury Airport

The brief

In July 2016, Citizen was appointed to develop the brand positioning and identity for Albury Airport. As a regional airport, Albury, plays a major role within the local area to service business, tourism and events. Proudly owned and operated by Albury City, the Airport recognised that it needed to take a proactive approach in the promotion of air travel within the local region to secure and grow the future of the airport. 


The process

Citizen ran several workshops with senior airport and council representatives. These workshops explored the local marketplace, stakeholder and partner relationships, the values and mission of the airport in its local context and how it could shift the business dynamic and conversation to spark the next era for the airport. 


Our solution

Citizen developed a brand strategy that addressed both B2B and B2C relationships. For the business relationships the strategy highlighted the research insights the airport was sharing with its airline partners to pro-actively support the continued relevance of the airport and build understanding of the local market into the future. 

The consumer strategy focused on simplicity and creating a call to action. ‘Fly Albury’ is the consumer brand with the goal being to encourage patronage and pride in the local asset. Underpinning this was an operational perception shift from an infrastructure mentality to a service mentality. 

The brand strategy identified celebrating the partner airlines as a critical ingredient to educating the local audiences and showcasing the choice and flexibility on offer. The most compelling endorsement of the strategy and creative to-date has been the positive feedback from the airline partners, demonstrated through their approval to co-brand in local market communications and advertising.



The result

Albury Airport was named the 2016 Large Regional Airport of the Year at the National Airport Industry Awards in Canberra on 24 November 2016. The award is a result of Albury Airport’s extensive work on passenger research and strategic planning, specifically the development of an Aviation Strategy, Marketing and Brand Strategy, website redevelopment and airline partner relationship building.

Upon delivery of the brand project, Citizen were engaged to develop an advertising campaign and to consulate on signage to the terminal upgrades.