Emirates SkyCargo

Say hello to a world of brand solutions for the worlds leading freight airline.

The client
Emirates SkyCargo is the airfreight division of Emirates and the worlds largest international airfreight airline (by revenue tonne kilometres). Since it began operations in 1985, Emirates SkyCargos fleet has grown to connect 147 destinations, 84 countries, 6 continents and 1.5 billion customers is less than eight hours by air. It is a fascinating business with a huge global presence and more than 150 industry awards to its name. 

The brief
In 2014, Citizen was approached by Dubai-based branding and design agency Andon Group, to partner with them on an extensive brand review and development process for Emirates SkyCargo. On the strength of its Hello Tomorrow brand positioning, Emirates had assumed a market leadership position and, with the opening of the purpose-built facilities at Dubai World Central, it was a timely opportunity for Emirates SkyCargo to take stock and look for ways to leverage the brand strength and presence of the passenger airline in order to strengthen its own marketing and communications efforts.    


Our solution
At a strategic level, we reviewed the equity of the Emirates SkyCargo brand within the context of how it could both leverage and find uniqueness within the Emirates Group portfolio. Part of the insight was identifying how traditional B2B approaches to communications can be enhanced by focusing on compelling audience engagement approaches taken in brand-led B2C communications. In recognising this, we found opportunities for Emirates SkyCargo to draw on cues from the Emirates parent brand.

The outcome of the 12-month engagement was the delivery of new brand assets including the development of brand illustration and motion graphics guidelines.



The result
At an Emirates group level, beyond the Emirates SkyCargo brand alone, we helped articulate an understanding of how the Emirates brand has evolved from a national identity deeply rooted in the UAE to become a globally understood and loved brand.  

It was a fascinating project that showcased how even the biggest, market-leading brands still need to be nurtured and evolve to constantly meet the demands of a constantly-changing world, evolving markets and the expectations of consumers. 

Off the back of the successful work with Emirates SkyCargo, Andon Group and Citizen were further engaged to investigate the brand potential of a new venture for Emirates Group related to its significant global sponsorship program.