Google + Google Food

The client
Google has consistently been voted by the likes of Forbes Magazine and the Fortune Best Company to Work For rankings as the worlds best employer. One of the most often cited perks of working at Google is the food. The tech giant feeds it staff well with breakfast, lunch and dinner dished up free of charge in cafeterias across its campus-like workplaces by its in-house catering department, Google Food.

The brief
In 2014, Citizen worked on design projects with two branches of Google. 

Firstly, we were engaged to design an ‘aspirational’ brief to inspire partners with its future vision for Google workplaces. The brief was a collaborative project authored by Google with Australian architectural firm, BVN, explored the future of Google’s workplaces and the ideals their buildings should aim for. Citizen was engaged to design the document.

Secondly, off the back of the aspirational briefing document, Citizen was engaged by Google’s Australian headquarters to bring the café area feeding its 400+ Sydney-based employees to life. At the time we took the brief, an existing dining concept, (based on a Melbourne Laneway was in place), but the environment around it felt corporate and lacked the kind of personality Google prides itself on creating in its workplaces. We were also asked to convey Googles commitment to sourcing locally-sourced, sustainable food for its health eating menus – but to do so in a non-corporate way.

Our solution
In designing the ‘aspirational brief’, we let the Google brand’s friendly tone lead and brought the future vision to life through illustration and a simple, stripped back approach. 

For the Google Food café,  we used pop-culture references and a dose of gentle humour to create a healthy fast food feature wall made up of more than 50 bespoke fly posters. ‘Fueling Googlers’ with food for thought and fresh thinking ideas amongst the many often-referenced quotes that made it onto the graphic wall, the posters are intended to be updated over time to create a continually evolving and layered textural environment.



The result
The friendly tone, attitude and illustrative approach we adopted for the aspirational brief document fed into the concept we delivered for the café space. Using a visual palette that intentionally deviated from the strict Google brand guidelines, but included subtle red, green, yellow and blue spot colour references, the café concept significantly shifted the dynamic of the dining area. The feature wall also became a conversational piece eliciting light-hearted jokes, banter and dialogue amongst Google employees.