Citizen is a strategic consultancy specialising in branding, built environments and design thinking.

Founded by Jacqueline Morony in 2008, Citizen is a collective of experienced brand, design, architecture and communications specialists with a passion for creating meaningful brand experiences for our clients.

We specialise in working with service industries to uncover new opportunity. From start-ups to large multinationals (and everything in between), we engineer brand and design solutions that help our clients make sense of their business offering and brand portfolio.

But what really makes us tick is solving business problems and supporting organisational change through the filter of brand and design. 

Our design philosophy is underpinned by a few simple principles: 
Great brands understand their people (the ‘citizens’ who are their internal and external audiences).
Great brands are built on great stories. 
Great brands have a powerful reason for being and a strong sense of purpose.
Great brands think from the perspective of their end-user.
Great brands align their architecture to the way consumers think.
Great brands embrace change as a chance for new opportunity.
Great brands are open to possibility and imagination. 

What we do


We build brands to support the dreams / business objectives of the clients we work with – whether its starting something new, enhancing an existing offering or refreshing an established brand platform. 

Our branding expertise includes:
Brand positioning & strategy
Brand architecture & equity analysis
Brand identity & design
Art direction
Brand guidelines
Branded environments



We help bring brands to life through creating memorable brand experiences in built environments – spanning the retail, commercial and public arenas.

Citizen brings together a collective of experienced brand, design and architectural specialists with a passion for designing experiences that strengthen the brand equity of the organisations we work with. 

Our expertise in built environments includes: 
Branded environments
Way-finding strategy
Signage design



We are strategic thinkers who believe that brand is a business conversation. We love the challenge of solving business problems and creating positive change through the filter of brand and design. 

Through a combination of global thinking, curiosity and collaboration with our creative partners we challenge assumptions to find the ‘uncommon sense’ that leads to intelligent, elegant design solutions. 

Our expertise in design thinking includes:
Insight and analysis
Brand strategy
Brand architecture alignment
Opportunity analysis
Ideas generation & testing