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Macquarie University

Macquarie University is one of Australia’s largest universities with its most significant attribute being its large campus and rich natural environments. While the environment makes for a unique campus experience, its scale and complex master plan has seen wayfinding around the site becoming increasingly difficult as the campus expands and develops. Citizen & Gen.a were commissioned to investigate the current conditions and formulate strategies and design solutions to overcome the problems. 

The signage forms for Macquarie University are inspired by the campus, it’s materials and natural elements. The scheme juxtaposes man-made materials with natural influences, taking concrete to the wider campus and timber (referencing trees) into buildings. 

The Macquarie University signage and wayfinding family of signs is extensive incorporating vehicular directional, parking, pedestrian directional, building identification, internal directional, rooms, events, interpretive and selected place-making opportunities. Despite the scale of the family the system is designed around a limited number of forms to provide connection throughout the family and positively impact production through a reduced number of concrete casts. 

Macquarie University

2014 – 2018

Wayfinding strategy
Signage design
Naming strategy
Implementation strategy
Cost analysis
Signage guidelines
Ongoing consultancy

Jacqueline Morony
Pete Nicholas
Ruth Bowers
Joanna Mackenzie
Fleur Chandler
Margaux Bowdler